Escape to Freedom - A Real-Time Adventure Where Teamwork Is Key

When am I free? What limits my freedom? What do we mean by freedom today?

It's a topic that people have racked their brains about since time immortal and many wise thoughts have been penned. It's hard to answer these questions though because freedom has many faces. In any case, we at the Alice Museum for Children believe the concept of freedom is more important today than ever before. And it's something we need to fight for - it can't be taken for granted!

Before the exhibition opened to the public, we asked 150 pupils to do some research for us. We asked them to collect their own experiences, thoughts and dreams and to find out what is important to young people today. Then, they set about creating the exhibition themselves. All the time while pondering 'how do we create spaces that encourage participation for everyone?' and 'how do we encourage our visitors to share their own unique thoughts on the concept of freedom?'.

Based on the principle of escape rooms, there are five separate areas, each dealing with a different idea related to freedom. Featuring thought-provoking questions such as: What happens when I always act according to the expectations of others? Does the chip implanted in my brain really make me happy? Would I have the courage to always report the truth if I were a journalist? It's not always clear what might threaten freedom? Work together and rack your brains. Only by working together, will you have a chance of solving the puzzle in the allotted time. An exciting mission for every generation: 5 rooms, 5 teams. The clock is ticking!