Exhibition: until 1 december 2024 – for people aged 10+

Susi & Us - To Look Or To Look Away

An exhibition based on the book "Susi, die Enkelin von Haus Nummer 4"

Engagement and civil courage require a lot of bravery. This exhibition deals with the question of whether to turn a blind eye or to intervene - both today and in the past. It is based on the true story of the Jewish girl, Susi Collm, who between 1942 and 1945 was forced into hiding from the Nazis.

LATEST NEWS: The Alice Museum For Children has been shortlisted for the Children in Museums Award 2023

Visits For The Public

Sat/Sun/Public Holidays at 12:00- 18:00
Information: During the holidays only on Mondays and Fridays between 10.00-17.00

No registration required. A visit to the museum is included in your day ticket to the main event in the FEZ. Subject to change!

Visiting the Susi & Us exhibition with your family is a special experience. Whether with your parent, grandparents, friends or colleagues, our team in the exhibition will tell you everything you need to know and send you home with much to ponder.

Please note: We strongly advise you to use public transport as parking spaces are very limited. A parking charge of €3 applies.

Please note:
A parking charge of €3 applies on weekends, public holidays, 'bridge days' and other major events due to the large volume of vehicles.

Visits For Schools

Tues-Thurs at 9:30-11:30 & 12:30-14:30

Cost: €80.00 for up to 20 participants. Each additional participant costs €4.00. Group leader free.
There will be a short introduction for each school group where our team will explain more about the exhibition. Pupils will then go off in small groups equipped with a "city map" and "mind-reading glasses" which will ensure they ponder the important questions at each of the 7 stations in the 'city' where the exhibition is based.

Online Tickets

For more information and to make group bookings, please ring us on: 030.53071-333

Stolen And Not Returned

Project Day for classes 5 and up (ages 10+)
A researcher in search of lost Jewish property 
Art history Laura Hecker reports on her extensive search for the valuable items that were stolen by the Nazis in the 1930s and 1940s. Pupils will learn why it's still important to fight for justice 80 years after the end of 2nd World War. Online Tickets

Dr. Walter Rothschild

Project Day for classes 5 and up (ages 10+)
In Conversation with a British-German Rabbi
Walter Rothschild is a community rabbi who will talk with pupils in this workshop about everything they would like to know about Jewish lifestyle and about life in general. The most important thing for Walter Rothschild is to observe and look at every person as an individual and not to make pre-judgements. Online Tickets

With Esther Through Berlin - A Jewish Family History

Project Day for classes 8 and up (ages 13+)
Exhibition visit and talk with actress and director Esther Zimmering
Esther Zimmering helped create the Susi & Us exhibition along with actress Birgitta Behr and the Alice Museum For Children by directing 3 film portraits. In addition she shows visitors places from her Jewish family history. In this particular workshop, she chats with pupils about her Berlin upbringing, her work and what it means to be Jewish. Online Ticket

A Polished Stone For Gertrud Cohn

Project Day for classes 6 and above (ages 11+)
Remembering those persecuted by National Socialism
Susi's grandmother Gertrud live at Nikolsburger Platz in Charlottenburg until 1942, when she was forced out of her lovely flat and murdered by the Nazis.
Sophia Schmitz from the Stolpersteine Berlin Initiative talks about the golden stones around Berlin which mark the last freely chosen places of residence by those persecuted by the National Socialists.

Susi and Us – An Unusual English Lesson

Project Day for classes 8 and up (ages 13+)
An unusual English lesson!
Presented by Nele Böttger

We discover the exhibition "Susi and Us - To Look Or To Look Away" in English! Why did Susi Collm have to hide from the National Socialists as a girl in Berlin more than 80 years ago? Who helped her escape and who didn't?

Iris Berben

Unusual approaches via film, sound, light and architecture create space for active confrontation with the Nazi period as well as showing modern day examples of exclusion and anti-semitism. Examples of civil courage are also shown alongside.

The actress Iris Berben guides visitors through the exhibition as a narrator in both sound and vision.

"A really important topic that has been realised in an exciting and clever way. I'm very happy to have been part of this exhibition." Iris Berben

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Exhibition Impressions


A city setting complete with an apartment, a parliament, a hideout, a railway station, a shop, a school and a cinema is the backdrop to a place where parallels between the past and the present become apparent. The open atmosphere invites young visitors to discover new concepts, reflect on what they see and get more hands-on in various interactive parts. Each station is narrated by actress Iris Berben.

Our Exhibition

The "Susi & Us - To Look Or To Look Away" exhibition sees the Alice Museum transformed into a city-like landscape featuring 7 interactive stations.

The Main Focus

The exhibition revolves around the true story of a Jewish girl named Susi Collm. She was just 6 years old when she and her parents was forced into hiding by the Nazis in 1942. Susi managed to survive thanks to the heroism of many brave people and because she never gave up despite the atrocities committed during the Nazi period.

Visitor Feedback

What some of our visitors said...

"The exhbition was amazing and really informative! Everyone is equal. Really interesting talks."


The Family's Fears

Visitors to the exhibition will learn about the many fears faced by the Collm family. Starting with their exclusion by the Nazis, the deportation of grandma Gertrud and everything that led up to to parents' decision to go into hiding.

Friend Or Foe?

Here you'll come across various figures from Susi's story and learn about their thoughts and opinions when you look through the red "mind-reading glasses". Ludwig, Susi's father, will describe being sacked from the school where he taught and you'll also hear from the heroic couple who gave the family help and the SA man involved in the Nazi regime.

The Historical Link To Today

The lessons and stories of the past are still relevant today. Among the questions for you to ponder:

  • Are you susceptible to brainwashing? Take the test!
  • Do you have a mind of your own?

Historical Documents

A variety of exhibits visually show the story. Examples include the very last farewell letter sent by the grandma or the visa for the move to Cuba, which ultimately came too late.

Open The Right Door

Behind the door lies evidence of the amazing courage it took to stand with the Jewish people at the time. Justify your own laws in parliament. See, hear and learn more about Jewish life and culture in Germany today.

School Partnerships

The pupils from the Alfred Nobel School in Berlin-Neukölln have been taking part in a long-term project which examines what leads to anti-semitism and hatred of certain groups. The films, poetry and pictures they have produced can be seen in the art room of the Alice Museum.

The Exhibition Creators

"Susi & Us - To Look Or To Look Away" is an exhibition created by the Alice Museum for Children at the FEZ and the Senate Department for Youth, Education & Family. It is based on the children's book "Susi, die Enkelin von Haus Nummer 4" written by Birgitta Behr. The exhibition is a cooperation with the Anne Frank Centre in Berlin and is sponsored by Sparkasse's PS Sparen und Gewinnen programme.