Welcome to the Alice Museum forChildren!

A new activity awaits from 5th September 2019: Introducing Escape to Freedom - A real-time adventur where working together is key .

Young House of One - New Theses For The Future

In a series of artistic workshops, we looked for more contemporary answers to questions that are as relevant today as they were at the time of the Reformation. This event took place from May to October in Berlin, Hanover, Halle an der Saale and EislebenFind out more...

Tell Me Something About Death

An interactive exhibition about the before and after. 

Currently on at the Alice Museum For Children in the FEZ Berlin. 
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Next on: 25th March to 4th November 2018 at the Landesmuseum by the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress in Koblenz


"Mäuse" On Tour

An interactive exhibition at the Alice Museum For Children here at the FEZ, in cooperation with the K!lick Kindermuseum in Hamburg.

Mäuse, Money und Moneten

Pop-Up Cranach

Moving pictures that turn into shadows and sounds. Every aspect of each picture is a separate puzzle!

Pop up Cranach