Tell Me Something About Death

An interactive exhibition from the Alice Museum for Children in cooperation with the Francke Foundations in Halle

Currently in the Stadtmuseum in Hofheim am Taunus until 29th September 2019.

Previous Locations

  • Hofburg Innsbruck
  • Natural History Museum Nature - People - Environment, Bielefeld
  • rbb Fernsehzentrum an der Masurenallee, Berlin
  • Edwin Scharff Museum Neu-Ulm
  • FRida & freD - Das Grazer Kindermuseum
  • Zoom Children's Museum, MuseumsQuartier, Vienna
  • Berlin-Parochialkirche
  • mondo mio!, Kindermuseum im Westfalenpark, Dortmund
  • Deutsches Klingenmuseum Solingen
  • European Capital of Culture 2007, Luxemburg
  • Kulturfestival Basel/ Museum am Burghof Lörrach
  • Lower Saxony State Museum Hanover
  • Arbeitsstelle für Religionspädagogik, Oldenburg
  • Helms-Museum, Hamburg
  • Kindermuseum Munich
  • Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte, Dresden
  • Francke Foundations, Halle
  • Museum für Sepulkralkultur, Kassel
  • Alice - Museum für Kinder in the FEZ-Berlin

Key Data

Recommended age group: 6-99 years (as a school class or an individual)

Area: around 450m²

13 'stations': Travel Agency, Time Machine, From Birth to Death, Room of Memories, Galerry of Ages, Laboratory of Immortality, Death in Fairy Tales, Games & Death, Cinema, Grandad Is Ill, Paradise Garden, The Undertaker's, In the Kingdom of Osiris, Ofrenda (A Mexican festival of death).

Time to set up: around 12 days
Time to take down: around 5 days

Stations In The Exhibition

Based on the "last journey" metaphor, visitors will set off on a voyage through an unknown land, encountering a series of walk-through scenes, each dealing with various aspects of life and death. Fairytales, myths and games will all be presented which help people to deal with explaining and understanding the concepts of life and death. Other topics such as age, time and mortality will also be brought to life in a fun and creative way.

More Information

About the exhibition:

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For parents and teachers:
Speaking to children about death:

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Consolation in memory - An interactive in the the Neu-Ulm Children's Museum sensitively shows how death is a part of life., 31st October 2011

The 'Tell Me Something About Death' exhibition has become a real crowd puller and rightly so!
The carefully designed rooms invite you to discuss death openly and sensitively. This is especially good for children as they have a natural desire to know what happens to people when they die.
Radio Bayern 2, Kulturleben, 17th November 2011

"And what happens afterwards?
An exhibition that sensibly breaks taboos in the Zoom Children's Museum. (. . .) There is barely a trace of sadness in the 12 stations. Instead the exhibition encourages you to think of death as an important part of life."
Kurier, Vienna, 12th March 2009

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