Workshop: Berlin On The Move

Workshop: Wild Wilderness Berlin

Workshop: Upcycling – From the Rubbish Bin to DIY Phone Charging Station

Workshop: The Protocolls of TERRA – A Thinking, Writing & Spoken Theatre Workshop about Climate Justice

Workshop: Upcycling – From the Rubbish Bin to DIY Phone Charging Station

GREEN PLANET BERLIN - The Research Lab For A Sustainable Future

Let's go! The workshops for our new exhibition GREEN PLANET BERLIN have been running since January 2024.

The Alice - Museum for Children is currently working on the new exhibition, GREEN PLANET BERLIN, organising a total of ten workshops for children and young people in collaboration with the architectural group raumlaborberlin and the Berlin University of Applied Sciences (HTW). Following the kick-off workshop in Neukölln in January, the third workshop, "Upcycling - From the Rubbish Bin to DIY Charging Station”, took place at the FEZ in March. During the course of the workshop, the young participants were tasked with making a solar-powered mobile phone charger out of old and used materials.
A further seven workshops focusing on the topics of Architecture, Sustainable Building, Future of the City, Climate Justice, Animals in the City, Future Food and Cimate & Art will take place during the course of 2024. The aim is to give children a platform to engage with topics relating to climate change, protection of the environment and conservation. We encourage them to voice their opinions, come up with ideas and ponder how to solve the problems we face. In each of the workshops, children have the chance to exchange views with a variety of climate experts and artists as well as visiting a number of relevant and interesting locations across Berlin.
The exhibition GREEN PLANET BERLIN is pencilled in for 2025 at the Alice Museum. During this time, the museum will turn into one big research laboratory where global issues crucial to our survival will be looked at in a way where solutions can be found. Effectively, we're looking for the answers that lie on our doorsteps. The workshops and accompanying exhibition are intended to function as a free space in which everything from utopian ideals to realistic plans for a stable future can be discussed and considered. GREEN PLANET BERLIN aims to depict what the youngest generations are thinking and saying - how they act and how they can prove to be a source of inspiration.

The entire project GREEN PLANET BERLIN is funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Mobility, Transport, Climate Protection and the Environment. Six of the ten workshops are being funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the "Museum macht stark" programme.

Berlin Goes Mobile

Workshop 1 - January 2024

What could the Donaukiez neighbourhood in Neukölln look like in the future? The plan is to make it liveable for everyone, whether you travel on foot, by bike or a motorised vehicle.

Wild Wilderness Berlin

Workshop 2 - March 2024

In a specially tailored workshop, the topic of biodiversity in focus here as 10-11-year-old pupils from Mühlenau primary school in Zehlendorf learnt about the variety of life around us.

Upcycling – From Rubbish Bin To Phone Charging Station

Workshop 3 - March 2024

In this workshop, participants learnt how items that have been thrown away can be transformed into new products as they discovered simple tricks for reducing waste in everyday life.

The Protocols of TERRA - A Thinking, Writing & Spoken Theatre Workshop On Climate Justice

Workshop 4 - March 2024

In this workshop, the aim was to give non-humans a voice. We imagined what animals, plants, oceans, the air and the climate would have to say if they could talk.