Young House Of One - Interactive Building Site At Petriplatz

Around 300 young participants aged from 11 to 16 have created their own version of the Young House Of One on Petriplatz, in anticipation of the construction of the interreligious House Of One building that is due to be built there in 2019. The Petriplatz location is particularly noteworthy as the site of the early Petrikirche, which was home to the Berlin Reformation Church for almost 500 years. Between now and 27th May, the location will be transformed into a hive of intercultural meetings and activities. Together with an array of multidisciplinary artists and architects from raumlabor-berlin, participants will gather to discuss and formulate new theses and use artistic talents to demonstrate the conditions necessary for and the possibilites created by a peaceful co-existence of the world's religions.

A film team from rbb also came to visit for TV channel ARD's themed programme Woran glaubst du? (What do you believe in?). The film Hallo Glaube can be seen until 11th June 2018 on the ARD website. The project is featured from 14:19Click here to see the video...

Young House Of One.