Photography Without A Camera

Botanical prints of the sun – the transitions of nature

Simple methods along with paper, sunlight and water are used to create masteful artwork with the help of artists, Henrieke I. Strecker.

Close reflection of the plant world show how nature can change with the passing of time. From the first bud to the complete flowering, every detail has a unique and unmistakeable charm.

"In nature, everything is connected. Everything changes to everything else." – Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

22nd April 2018

The Grim Reaper & Co - The Fabulous Pop-up Card

Create your own pop-up cards and experiment with colourful paper, wire, fabric, glue and pencils. Pop-up cards can be created with angels, devils, pyramids and anything else that comes into your imagination. Once complete, you're free to take them home.
27th May 2018

Tell Me Something About Death - Accompanying Programme

Creative Sundays for Families in the Alice Workshop

Once a month, the ALICE workshop hosts a creative Sunday with a host of creative activities for families. Visit the exhibitions, put on your apron and get busy making. Colours, paper, materials and tools, which you won't find at home or in the classroom, are all waiting to be used.

For children aged 6+! 

Free accompanying programme to " Tell Me Something About Death"

Duration: 1 hour
Time: 1pm - 5pm