The Escape Room As An Exhibition Format

Freedom has to be fought for. It can never be taken for granted. Therefore, we were convinced that freedom made a lot of sense as a topic for an exhibition to provoke discussion. And if we could connect this initial abstract idea with a series of real-life stories, then we have achieved our aim. Our opinion is that freedom is a valuable commodity - now more than ever.

We invite you and your team to tackle our exhibition and set off in search off freedom. What does freedom mean for me personally? Do the others in your team agree? To succeed, you'll need to exchange ideas, think outside the box and consider freedom in all its forms.

Visitors to our Escape Rooms become players in a game who must find their own way to freedom. What happens if I always follow the epxectations of others? Does the chip in my head really make me free? Would I have the courage to report the truth if I were a journalist?