Escape To Freedom - A real-time adventure where working together is key

In the Alice Museum for Children, we're discussing what it means to be free.

When am I free? What limits my freedom? What do we mean by freedom today?

During the Escape to Freedom exhibition, our children's museum is turning into one large interactive game. Based on the principle of escape rooms, there are five separate areas, each dealing with a different idea related to freedom. Featuring thought-provoking questions such as: What happens when I always act according to the expectations of others? Does the chip implanted in my brain really make me happy? Would I have the courage to always report the truth if I were a journalist? It's not always clear what might threaten freedom?
Work together and rack your brains. Only then will you have a chance of solving the puzzle in the alloted time. One room. One team. The clock is ticking!

Made possible by funds from the Berliner project fund Kulturelle Bildung.  

Curated by pupils from Berlin schools


Exhibition Flyer (pdf)

The Escape Room As An Exhibition Format

Freedom has to be fought for. It can never be taken for granted. Therefore, we were convinced that freedom made a lot of sense as a topic for an exhibition to provoke discussion. And if we could connect this initial abstract idea with a series of real-life stories, then we have achieved our aim. more...

Escape Room Content

In total, there are five escape rooms in which visitors are expected to think about topical questions and dive into supposed utopian scenes. In any case, a lot of discussion will be necessary because you'll have to work as team to solve each puzzle. So we welcome you to these interactive rooms and hope you have fun! more...

A Game Of Freedom

An action game for two teams

Have you already been to visit our Escape To Freedom exhibition? Not yet...? Well, we may be closed now, but this game can still show what it's currently like in the Alice Museum For Children. more...

The new Game Of Freedom - Part 2 is here for a new adventure. Take part...

Turning Questions Into Dialogue

During these project weeks, the experiences, thoughts and dreams which are important to children and young people were in focus. Which is why young people were challenged with the task of creating the exhibition. more...

Curated By Young People

Special thanks must go to the 150 school pupils who, in conjunction with a few professionals, were responsible for the design, stories and puzzles in each room. A lot of thought went into the strategies and solutions required to be successful. The end result is a fun and thought-provoking game on the topic of freedom. more...

Escape For Groups

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For 5th to 9th classes (ages 10-15)

If the pupils are going to get out of the room within the allotted time, they'll have to look very closely at everything. Every object and every hint could be crucial. They'll ned to discuss their ideas in the team because without teamwork, they'll have little chance. Within the scope of the game, they'll be forced to think about what they find, consider different attitudes and consider their approach to problem solving. more...

Escape For Families

On weekends

The Alice Museum for Children is open to the general public on weekends, public holidays and normal working days when schools are closed. Weekdays are only available on request and must be booked in advance. Current opening hours and additional information about current events can be found here...

Exhibition Partners

kubix translates ideas and visions into successful projects. Boasting many years of experience, kubix have developed a vast range of concepts, from large art projects to brand presentations.

Büro für Sinn und Unsinn
Agentur für Spiel- und Lerndesign, Halle
The Büro für Sinn und Unsinn is an interdisciplinary team of designers for games, products and interfaces  They came together at the Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule.
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin is a research and development platform at the Humboldt University that has developed games encompassing a wide variety of genres.


Ahead of the exhibition, we've conducted a series of interviews about the concept, the design and the topic of freedom. We find out what freedom means for school pupils. Why Tom Lilge believes games are the most natural way of learning. How the pupils and artists worked together to establish this exhibition. And what convinced Claudia Lorenz (Director of the Children's Museum) to push ahead with the escape room concept.
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We are delighted that Thomas Lilge, our sponsor from, has tested one of the rooms. Many thanks for his sponsorship. more...