Watch what you buy!

A hands-on exhibition for big and small

In 2004, the Alice Museum for Children at the FEZ developed the Watch what you buy! exhibition on the subject of consumer protection, which focused primarily on nutrition, advertising, certifications and sustainable purchasing. Presented three times in Berlin - twice at the FEZ (2004/2005 and 2008/2009) and once during International Green Week (January 2008) - at the Historical Museum of Bielefeld (2005) and the Museum of Industrial Culture in Nuremberg (2006), this exhibition attracted over 50,000 visitors.

For the Watch what you buy! exhibition, a website was set up in 2004/05. Although the exhibition itself is no longer open to visitors, its Internet presence still hosts a range of interesting material for visitors to discover.



Concept and project leader: Claudia Lorenz
Concept and design: Lotte Kroll
Assistants: Birgit Brüll, Anja Furthmann, Manuela Lachmann, Salka Schulz

Artistic decoration: Karin Schmidt-Ruhland, Reinhardt Grimm, Anja Furthmann, Alexander Henschel, Labor Kunst und Medien im FEZ-Berlin, Andreas Schiller, Martina Haag

Rental organisation: Stefan Ostermeyer

Promoted by:

Federal Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV) as part of the campaign "Better eating, more exercise."

Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Agriculture, Conservation and Consumer Affairs in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia