Young House of One - Theses For The Future

The idea behind The House Of One - the first building in the world that unites a synagogue, a mosque and a church under one roof - is to find answers to one of the most pressing questions: How do we want to live together? We've joined the debate by creating the Young House Of One, a concept designed by children and young people, artists and architects and musicians and actors. The project started on 11th May 2017 with a huge moveable playground in the centre of Berlin. 

Workshops Across Germany

Artistic workshops are taking place in Berlin, Hanover, Halle and Eisleben.

Closing Ceremony At Marienkirche

A closing ceremony will take place on 20th October at the Marienkirche in Berlin.

Young House of One
Theses for the future!

Interactive Building Site

Interactive Building Site on Petriplatz:
11th to 28th May 2017

With Credit To:

Idea/Project Management 
Alice Museum for Children at the FEZ Berlin:
Claudia Lorenz, Stefan Ostermeyer

Interactive Building Site on Petriplatz

Artistic Concept & Implementation: Architecture (Central Pavilion), Workshops (Furniture Building & Comics)

raumlaborberlin, Jan Liesegang and Team
Music Workshop: 
Bernadette La Hengst
Theatre Workshop:
Folke Witten

Garden Design
Atelier Le Balto

Sonja Baltruschat

Film YHOO/Documentation 
Lukas Eylandt

Animation Film 
Ulli Keil

Artistic Management & Marienkirche Presentation
Klemens Kühn

Press & Public Relations
Marion Gusella, Nikola Mirza

Many thanks for the support and scientific advice! 
Dr. Stefan Rhein, Luther Memorial Foundation in Sachsen Anhalt

Project Partners 
Young House of One - Theses for the future! is a project of the Alice Museum For Children with the House Of One charity, in cooperation with the Luther Memorial Foundation in Sachsen Anhalt, the Francke Foundations, the Historical Museum in Hannover, the Humboldt University in Berlin and the architects Kuehn/Malzezzi, Atelier le Balto and raumlaborberlin (Jan Liesegang).

Delegates of the Federal Government for Culture and Media,  der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien, Berliner Project Funds for Cultural Education, Federal Agency for Civic Education.

Many thanks to the participating schools!

Wilhelmstadt-Schule ISS, Berlin-Spandau, Schule an der Victoriastadt, Berlin-Lichtenberg, Adolf Glaßbrenner Schule, Berlin-Kreuzberg, Bötzow-Grundschule, Berlin-Pankow, Jüdisches Gymnasium Moses Mendelssohn, Berlin-Mitte, Anne-Frank-Grundschule, Berlin-Mitte, Evangelische Schule, Berlin-Köpenick